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Product Features NATURAL MATERIAL – Perno diatomite bath mat is made of natural diatomaceous earth & resilient plant-fiber. A product made of environment-friendly materials with modern craftsmanship. ULTRA ABSORPTION - With numerous microscopic pores on the surface, this mat can absorb water stain and dry in less than 180 seconds and effectively minimize the risks of slips and falls in the bathroom. An ideal gift to a family with children and elders. BEST QUALITY - This mat features a neutral PH value of 7 and contains no HCHO, colorant or other hazardous chemicals. You don’t have to worry about skin allergy or any toxic chemicals, which otherwise may be caused by poor-quality bath mats. Due to its quick dry nature, no water stain will be left and thus bacteria and mould will be unlikely to survive and propagate on this mat. ELEGANT DESIGN - Rectangular mat with edges well-polished. It fits perfectly with all styles of home decorating. Just place it outside your bathtub or shower cubicle and enjoy the magic it brings to your home. Product specification Size : 400*300*9mm/600*390*9mm/450*350*9mm/300*200*9mm OEM: we can provide with free design service, or send us your whatever your design is. The Function: Purify the air and eliminate odor The diatom mud product has a unique "molecular sieve" structure, which has strong physical adsorption and ion exchange function, and can effectively absorb harmful substances such as free formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia in the air and odors caused by pets, smoking and garbage. purify indoor air. With the change of ambient air temperature in different seasons and in the morning and evening, diatom mud can absorb or release water, and automatically adjust the indoor air humidity to achieve a relative balance. Especially in coastal cities and cities with humid air in the south, the effect of adjusting indoor air humidity is obvious, reducing the troubles caused by humid air. PAY ATTENTION !! Consumers should pay attention to the identification of the true and false diatom mud, spray water to the diatom mud wall with a watering can, the real diatom mud is not color, no mud, touch the wall by hand, the wall is dry. The fake "diatom mud" has a pungent odor or tasteless after spraying water. In short, the phenomenon of not being able to absorb water, absorb less water, or form a sludge, slag, color, discoloration, color, etc. after water absorption is a fake "diatom mud".OEM Diatomite Products website:


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